Monday, July 17, 2006

SuiXi Orphanage Photos

Here are a few pictures of the SuiXi orphanage and the bedrooms where the babies sleep. The cribs do not look too comfortable but at least it seems very clean. We have heard from other parents that have adopted children from SuiXi that the babies are very well taken care of and that it is one of the better orphanages. A few parents have told me how the caretakers were very emotional when they had to hand the babies over to their new parents. That is comforting to know. There are 9 bedrooms and about 14 children in each room with one caretaker for each room. The photo on the top center was taken in late March by a parent that was able to visit the Orphanage. The baby being carried by the woman looks like it could possibly be Bliss. She has that hair that sticks strait up.

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