Wednesday, August 22, 2007

100 Good Wishes Quilt

This quilt that Bliss is sitting on is very special...

While waiting for her referral, all the families that we would soon travel with shopped for material to contribute to a quilt for their daughter. Each family was given instructions to pick 2 patterns, cut them up into 50 8x8 squares, and then send them off to the other 50 families. We each included a card with a small swatch of material and a wish from our family to theirs.
Our card read... "To be a star you must follow your own light, follow your own path, and never fear darkness, for that is where stars shine the brightest"

The quilt was presented to us on Bliss' Gotcha Day Party. A very special lady named Susie (my good friend Jill's Mom) put it together for us. On the back she embroidered a portion of the quote we found on the Happy Lohan statue in China. "Bliss, May your joy always come from deep within." Susie is very special to our family as she was also the nurse present at Thomas' birth.

Thank You Susie! This will be a treasure to Bliss.

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