Sunday, September 03, 2006


Pete and I took a walk to a different part of town tonight. It was a big, bright, shopping area. It looked much like Times Square. Vendors everywhere. We had to walk through the market to get there. Everyone was closing up shop but there was still a lot of hustle and bustle going on. People cooking on the side of the road, men playing cards and games in big loud groups, mostly people working really hard. Everyone works so hard here. People eat things here that are unimaginable to us. Snakes, eels, mice, scorpions, etc. Pete saw a woman and her young daughter picking through a big bucket of scorpions for the "good ones". We went to a store that was selling all kinds of wines. Each bottle/jar had some kind of creature in it. Mostly huge snakes, mice, and chicken parts. Yes, the jar in the attached photo says Snake Penis Wine. Sound good? There was a huge clay pot, bigger than me filled solid with the biggest pythons (and wine)I have ever seen. We stopped to watch a woman sort out by size a huge bucket of eels. She let me hold one and all the men in the store got a big kick out of the American woman holding an eel.

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