Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Red Couch Photo

The woman holding Bliss is our guide Rui. She has been wonderful. The baby crying next to Bliss is the baby that came from the same orphanage as Bliss. Her family is the family that received the other "twin" from our first referral.


Anonymous said...

The "Red Couch" I didn't even know it existed until we were home. Beautiful picture! After your e-mail we are taking our 3 yr old Jessica adopted 2 yrs ago from Changsha. I am so additcted to your story and the world you have opened up to us through your picts and writings. I hope that we can keep in touch after you return to the states...... after all our girls were "roomies"! Take care, and blessings on your trip home, Hopefully we will get to be there soon! Linda Oppegaard

Anonymous said...

LOVE the look Bliss gives crying babies! She's like,"DUDE, GET A GRIP"!