Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nengren Temple

Today we visited another Buddhist Temple. It was gorgeous. The kids loved the coy and turtle pond. There were hundreds of turtles. A few of the turtles had red Chinese characters painted on their back. During Chinese celebrations the Monks will go to the market and pick out a few turtles. They write a Chinese Blessing on their back and set them free. We climbed tons of stairs but never made it to the true top. It is so much hotter than home here. The temples were beautiful with lush gardens.
Today was the last tour we will be going on. Tomorrow is a museum. Barb will go to that. Museums are too much for 3 kids and 2 adults with no attention span. Barb will give us the Cliffs notes.
Tonight we have the group Red Couch picture and then a big birthday bash with about 20 families from our agency. Many babies have birthdays this month and several families missed their child's birthday by a week or two. I'll post the pictures tonight.
Thursday we turn in all our info to the American Consulate. Friday we pick up Bliss' exit Visa and depart China at 9PM!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,
I just caught up on the last couple days. People who eat snakes are gross. Did you tell them that they are gross? I would have. At least when Bliss has a problem with the crust on her bread one day you'll be able to tell her that there's starving kids in China that eat snakes!! Hi Pete! I bet you all can't wait to get home! I see you're spending your time wisely though. The kids have grown (adorable) and Bliss is sweet! .... I'm sure you've heard that though :-) ..... Have fun you guys! Call me when you get home and settled!
Sarah (Serge, Elijah, and "Baby")