Monday, September 04, 2006

Zhen Hai Tower

Today we went to a park the had a museum and a tower. It was built during the Ming Dynasty in 1380AD. The statue of the 5 Goats is the symbol of Guangzhou. It is believed that the goats arrived like gods to bring the people what they needed to develop the city.


Komulainen Family said...

Hi Guys!
I love the pic of the kids in front of the goat statues! Thomas hugging that little girl and Madeline just standing there! It's getting down to T-minus a few nights left in China. We CANNOT wait to see you guys and we miss you so very much! Maya is getting so big! She seems to weigh a ton already and she is only 6 weeks today! Take care,
Anne-tati, Aki, Maya and Rex-dog

Linda said...

So...Thomas has two girlfriends?

Anonymous said...

Hello Weiler Family,
Just a little note to say hey !!! We enjoy all your stories and pictures and talk to your Mom and Dad often.

Bliss is beautiful and we can not wait to see her in person.

Keep up the great report-ing and wonderful pictures. It will not be long now before you are home and in your own house where Bliss will have no trouble becoming one of the weiler gang.

Sorry I don't write more but I hate computers.......

See you soon, ALL OUR LOVE, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob