Monday, August 21, 2006

4.5 hours to go.........

We arrived 20 minutes early. I would like to say that I'll never do that again (fly 15 hours) but we still have to get home. Swimming is not an option. It took about an hour to get out of the airport. Great Wall had a driver waiting for us as soon as we left customs. China is much different than I imagined it, very polluted and smoggy. I really can't believe how well the flight went. Thomas waited until we got off the plane to have his meltdown. All he wanted to do was run! I think they were really hungry too. The White Swan hotel is beautiful. The rooms are much bigger than I expected. I was prepared to live a box for 3 weeks. Each room has a living room and 2 big bathrooms. We ate at the famous White Swan buffet before we even came up to the room. The food was fine. We are not going to starve. There were about a dozen famlies at the buffet that had just received their babies. It was very exciting. They were all so tiny. The kids watched Chinese cartoons and were mezmorized. They had a bath and we are putting them to "bed" although it's only 10AM here. We figure we should let them sleep a few hours and then wake them up. We'll wake them up after we get back from getting Bliss. They seem to be adjusting well already.
The next post will have some exciting photos!

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