Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Not-so-exciting day

We didn't do much today. Barb and Pete toured a museum and another Temple. Tomorrow is the medical exam. We leave a week from tomorrow! Pete got Bliss to laugh from her belly today. I don't think she ever has. We had to teach her. She is relaxing more each day and coming out of her shell. This Coke-Light in a can and the lack of ice around here isn't working for me. I need the real thing. Thomas was so happy today when he received a message from his Teacher Miss Caren. He misses all his friends at pre-school. Glad to hear the Tropical Storm isn't going to bother you all too much. Thank you Mike Melton for the 5 updates!

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Aunt-Nik said...

I can already tell that these two little princesses are going to be inseparable... it will be so amazing for both of them!!! Give them lots of hugs and kisses for me... and Thomas too! Miss ya!