Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The kids woke up at 3:00am. We're getting there. They all went to bed around 10:00. Bliss went right to sleep and didn't move an inch all night. She slept until almost 7AM. I got up 3 times to check on her. She never moved. Bliss hasn't eaten anything yet. She will not drink either. I hope she eats something when she awakens. We tried to give her cheerios and other finger foods last night. She obviously has never been offered anything solid. She spit out everything.
Yesterday was amazing. There really are no words to describe the events leading up to getting her. Very surreal, but that's what everyone says. We loaded onto a bus with 5 other couples and we were off to share one of our most intimate, life changing moments with 10 complete strangers. The room they took us to what extremely hot, no AC. It was small and loud. They were other families from other agencies wrapping up the tail end of getting their babies. There were many babies screaming and a lot of very uncomfortable looking first-time parents. Bliss was the third baby they brought out from our group. She came right to me and was making raspberry sounds with her tongue. She kept grabbing my face and was very cuddly and affectionate. After a few minutes, I gave her to Pete and within 5 minutes she was sleeping in his arms. She must have been exhausted. When she woke up she still didn't seem scared. She loves to be kissed and hugged. So far she is very easy going. We love her so much already, it didn't take long. We're so grateful to have this opportunity to bring this child into our lives. She will bring us so much joy and will teach us so much. Our kids will learn that love has no boundaries and families are made up in many different ways. Madeline is so in love with her. She keeps saying "oh , she's so cute" over and over. Thomas is warming up to her but would still rather play with his trucks. At lunch, he asked if we could "go home to Country Place now". Oh boy........


Linda said...

Liana wouldn't eat or drink for the first 24 hrs. Allan finally coaxed her to drink from the bottle. It was hard not to worry. Make sure the opening in the nipple is big enough. Some of the other babies in our group would only take it if the formula was very hot, lukewarm, or whatever was to their liking. She's probably still in a bit of shock. Linda

Anonymous said...

In order to get Liana to drink I had to firmly placed almost the entire nipple into her mouth, not just the end. I don't think they were gentle in the orphanage when it was time to eat. This seemed to work.

The kids look so cute together.

Looking at you pictures it looks like you were in the same room we were with the same ugly brown lether couch.