Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just in case anyone was wondering what we'll be doing for 19days.....

Here is the itinerary.
8/22 Arrive in Guangzhou 6:20am
Pick up Bliss at 3pm
8/23 Adoption Registration at the Civil Affairs Office/Public Notary
8/24 Shop!
8/25 Get the Adoption Registration
8/26 Tour Chen Family Temple
8/27 Tour Yue Xiu Park
8/28 Free Day
8/29 Tour Bao Mo Garden
8/30 Tour Six Banyan Trees (have Bliss Blessed by the Buddhist Monks)
8/31 Museums
9/01 Receive Bliss' Passport
9/02 Bliss' Visa Pictures and Medical Exam
9/03 Tour Zhongshan Memorial Hall
9/04 Tour Yun Tai Garden
9/06 File Immigration Forms
9/07 American Consulate Appointment
9/08 Pick up Bliss' exit Visa @ 3pm and Depart for the United States @ 9pm