Monday, August 28, 2006

Orphanage Photographs

Today we had the film developed that I sent to the orphanage in Bliss' care package. Compared to some of the pictures I saw from other orphanages, Bliss came from a clean place. It is still hard to look at her in that bare crib. The cribs look like metal cages. No wonder she can fall asleep anywhere. She had a rough night last night. I think she finally realized what was happening. She woke up at 2AM with a stomach ache but then became inconsolable. She cried so hard for over an hour. She seemed scared and didn't even want me to hold her. She calmed down and eventually fell asleep on my chest. Today was a boring day. Not much to do. I have to fill out more paperwork at 3PM. It is about to rain. When it rains, the smog clears slightly and we can see mountains.

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Allan said...

The beggers had a major impact on Addison. It is such a sad state of affairs that such a powerful country cannot take care of the misfortunate few. When we were at the 6-Banyan Temple Addison wanted to tip the beggers and immediately was swarmed. It scared him. It was the physical deformed children that bothered me most. It breaks your heart.

Although Bliss is being pulled away from her national culture, you are opening up the world to her. She is a very lucky girl. The picture of Bliss in the orphanage crib says it all. She looks so sad. However, her face when she is with her new family makes me smile.

The smog when we were there apparently wasn’t as bad as it is now. It did not affect my running at all. It was the heat that was the problem. Even at 7:00 it was so darn hot.

Miss you all,