Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hi, from Pete

Hello everyone, Peter here. Michelle has been doing such a great job with the postings, so I only need to add some of my own perspective. This is from yesterday.
As I snuggled Thomas and Bugga for the last time before Bliss comes, I thought about how unaware they really are to the extent their little world will change. Actually, niether am I. I don't mean being in touch with the obvious stuff, feet planted firmly in the ground and all. I mean the long term impact. Bliss will add such an element of surprise. Earlier today, I was reflecting during my run. It was quite surreal.(pardon the cliche)I was just being flooded with new images and making connections to new stuff. I was sleep deprived, the heat was oppressive, and the smog so thick I could feel it tickle the back of my throat. I need to buy a respirator mask or just run on the treadmill. Anyway, I jogged around the square mile or so around the hotel area, up and down the river and zigzaged through the sidestreets. As always, once I got past the touristy shops and traps I got emersed in this ancient culture. A sensational feast. Even the old people seem really old.
It was noon on Tuesday and there were many people out just enjoying life. Folks of all ages playing badmitton(without the net), a higher form of Hackysak,(some of you over 60 may have to look that one up) and in fact a group of them (also over 60) motioned for me to join them. Or course, Lots and lots of bicycles, but without helmets, Ipods, and fancy shoes. Many are loaded down with creative attachments for hauling large payloads, some as big as minivans. The most impacting scene was a group of 30 or 40 middle aged people practicing songs with a conductor and all. I sat as inconspicuously as possible for a 6'4'' American on a bench directly in front, facing the river with my back toward them. As I listened to the harmonies, I thought of how Bliss would have grown up around all of this and it hit me how she was about to enter into this culture and we were ripping her out of it to be immersed into our own. I decide then, We will come back here to visit, in nine years when shes ten, and I will try my best to keep her connected to her past so when she is older she will feel as unique and special as I know she will be. I


Mom & Dad said...

Thats just one reason we love you Peter.

Kelly & Joyce said...

Awe, that was very moving. Very emotional. Hello from everyone at SRG, sorry we missed your call at 9:00pm last night. Hope to hear from you again soon. We all can't wait to see the precious little angel.