Friday, August 25, 2006

Good Morning or Night, whatever it is.......

Well, it's 5:30AM and Thomas has been awake for almost 2 hours now. I finally let him get up. He's watching Chicken Little and eating Lucky Charms. What a healthy breakfast. We still haven't adjusted to the time change yet. Bugga was up from 4-5AM and for some reason "had" to go to the bathroom like 20 times. At least Bliss slept all night. She hasn't figured out that Weiler children do not sleep!
Yesterday was busy. In the morning we took a walk and found a park. It was a short walk from the hotel, but we were the only Americans around. It was a interesting experience. Thomas and Madeline both found children to play with. They had a great time. They figured out how to communicate without speaking to each other, it was nice to see. There were people exercising everywhere you looked, so different from home. The park was filled with strange exercise equiptment I didn't know existed. Upon first glance, it looks like children's toys , but adults were using it. A small track encircled the playground/gym. Men, women, and children were running and walking. I guess it's normal to walk backwards here as a form of exercise. I saw that a few times. People exercise in regular clothing. Women were running in dresses, sandals, and pants. They were clearly "out for a run" ,not running somewhere. I guess they don't know about yet........ just kidding. There were different exercise groups everywhere you looked. I love watching the Tai Chi. Some form of Hackysack is really common also. It's like hackysack with a feather on it. Even really old people play. Everyone seems so healthy, physically. There are not very many overweight people here. Too bad the smog is going kill them.... It's so thick you can look directly at the sun in the middle of the day. I had to run on the treadmill. You can actually taste it. It's gross. I here that it is worse here in the summer. People were staring at us with curiosity since we were carrying around an Asian baby. Our agency gave us a card to carry around that explains that we are here from the United States to adopt a baby. Too bad I forgot to bring it with me, kinda like the grocery list.
Later in the afternoon we had to go back down to the civil affairs office to pick up the official adoption certificate. We are getting sick of going to The civil affairs office. Hopefully that was the last time. It's becoming known as the big, smelly, hot building, filled with swarms of Americans and their cranky babies. There is no AC. We then had to take the adoption certificate to apply for her passport. It was like a huge Chinese Department of Motor Vehicles, not fun either. There were signs in English everywhere that read "be quiet". That was quite comical since the room was filled with 50 screaming babies. Not ours though, she's so mellow. She just woke up. She slept for 12 hours! I am learning how to type with one hand again.
Today there is a tour of some park. We are not going. We are sending Barb to give her a break. She needs one after being locked in the hotel room with Thomas and Bugga for 4 hours!
I'll post some photos of the town later today.


linda said...

Addison and I went to the park almost every night. At 9:00 at night the park is full of people exercising and kids playing. It's too hot during the day. It was a chance to walk-off dinner and wear out Addison before bed.

Come home now. We want to see the baby!!!


kristin winter said...

Everything does sound so amazing,it seems surreal even reading it. I'm so glad everything is going so well, she is super cute. You all look like such a cute family. I love your commentary--I'm trying to picture you all there. I'm sure you love her so much, already. It brings tears to my eyes. I can't wait to meet her.