Saturday, August 05, 2006

Additional Pictures of Bliss' Orphanage

Here are a few more pictures of where Bliss has spent the first year of her life. I got these photos off another family's blog. They were able to visit the orphanage and visit the town of Suixi about 2 years ago. Our agency has advised us not to visit the orphanage. Although it is open to visitors our agency refused to provides guides for us. They claim is is "not safe" for families to visit. This is very dissapointing to us. We wanted to get all the information and photographs we could so that Bliss would have as many links to her past as possibe. Luckliy, the internet has provided me with a tremendous amount of information. I have contacted a Dad that visited the orphanage. He made a video of his visit and is sending it to me as well as all of his pictures of the children. It is possible that we will be able to spot Bliss in his photos/video. She was about 7 months old then. I have also contacted a man that searches the Chinese newspapers for the "finding ads". When a baby is abandoned in China the government requires that a "finding ad" be posted in the newspapers for 3 months. The ad includes a photo of the (usually newborn) baby and information on where/when she was found. It's actually quite silly since it is illegal to abandon a child in China. Birthparents never come forward. It is just a formality. I got an email yesterday that he had found Bliss' ad and it included a great color picture of her. He was going to translate it for me. We should have in in less than a week. It is so important that we get as many pictures of her first year as possible. At this point we only have the 3 referral pictures we were sent. They do not take pictures of the children in the orphanage.

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