Monday, August 14, 2006

Bliss' Finding Ad

I mentioned in an earlier post that I paid someone to hunt through the local newspapers in the area where Bliss was abandoned in search of her finding ad. It arrived today. The guy was able to get us the original newspaper with the color photo. He also made a negative of the picture and translated the ad for us. The ad reads.... "Sui Hua Pei, a girl, On 9/9/2005 she was found near the Village Credit Agency of Beipo Town, Suixi County. She was about a day old when found. Claim Unit: Suixi County Orphanage." The newspaper is from November 26, 2005. The ads have to run for 3 months before a baby can be ready for adoption.
It was wonderful to receive another picture of her, especially one of her so tiny. It is so sad to look through the newspaper at the sea of little faces, all abandoned. The information that came with the photo said that she was the 2,304th picture ad placed in that newspaper (Nanfang Farmer's Daily) in 2005. It is really disturbing to see all the babies' pictures. The one child policy has created a problem far bigger than China ever imagined. There is a huge problem over there. I can't imagine having to put my baby down somewhere and walk away. The information we received today is so important for Bliss. It is something we will probably not show her until she is an adult. It is a clear reminder that her parents abandoned her and never came back. We are grateful for the photograph.