Monday, August 28, 2006

More Orphanage Photos

Here is another picture of Bliss at the orphanage with her caretaker. The man in the photo with Pete is Director Han. He is the orphanage director. We found out today that Bliss weighed 22 pounds on August 17th. Look at her rolls! She is so chubby.


Andy Krawiecki said...

Hi Michelle!

Thank you for posting the orphanage pictures! It's amazing what our little ones have gone through on their Journey to us! It is truly thoughtful of you to take the time to post everything you do. Hope the rest of your stay goes well. Andy

Aunt-Nik said...

Look at those little rolls! Mom and I have been following you guys every day... and it is truly awsome that Bliss has made it to you so healthy and beautiful! We can't wait to hug and squish her... and Thomas and Bugga! :) Love you guys lots!

Anonymous said...

Pete and Michelle,
Congratulations on your adoption of your new daughter, she's so beautiful. I've been reading about your fantastic journey and check several times a day for the latest pictures and news. Aunt=nik's right, I can't wait to see all of your children! Both of you are such special people Bliss is blessed for finding you as you are with her.

gloria said...

Hi Michelle,Peter,Thomas,Bugga,Bliss
I just want you guys to know the pictures are really wonderful we can't wait to see you all.I been printing the web site out every day so I can give it to Gram.Everyone wanted me to say hello for them.Unle Ed and I can't wait to see all the kids together.Please give them all a hug and bigggg kiss for us.Talk to you soon
Love Aunt Gloria&Uncle Ed

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete and Michelle - found your original email and to be honest - forgot you guys were in China. Really enjoyed your sharing this special time with everyone. Bliss is a beautiful child. Someday she will know how blessed she is and how loved she is by her new family.
Safe travel....looking forward to meeting her in person!
Kathy Walsh

sallie said...

Messed up something earlier and din't get through.
She's a real cutie! Glad to see you all happy.
I've been catching up, as we were away. So many good photos of everyone. By now you must be anxious to get home.
Michelle you mentioned earlier that Bliss was bigger than you thought she'd be, she appears to be so petite in the pics. What size does she wear? (you know, for shopping purposes)
You all look great! Keep safe and have a safe trip home.xxxooo to all

Mountain Uncle Steve said...

Hey, Weilers in China! Finally get to comment on your excellent weblog. It's a treat to read and view the great photos every day. Couldn't believe the looks on your faces when you first held Bliss-pure joy. I can also see Bliss coming out and showing more of herself each day. She's going to have a wonderful life with the Weilers!
Just got back from my first trip to see some other Weilers on the NC coast in the new GreaseVan so I'm ready to visit you all in Florida when you get back. Love you all, Stephen

Jodi Kelley said...

Hello Weiler Family! You all look so happy with Bliss. She is very cute. This web site is so very cool. It it amazing that you are so very far away, yet these pictures are so real and inviting. It is like we are there with you. I am sure that you are all exhausted, but all very worth while. Hope all goes well on the rest of your trip and we will see you when you return. Sean can't wait to play with his new friend. Have a safe trip home and at least you are missing the storm!!
Love The Kelley's