Sunday, August 20, 2006

We are in LA!

So far so good........ except I went to bed way too late, the dog barked all night long and then both kids woke up with colds. We left out house at 6AM sharp. At 6:16 Thomas asked if we were in China yet and then again at 6:53! The flight to LA went great. The kids were wonderful. They sat quietly the entire time. They played with stickers for a few hours and then watched 2 movies. They both complained that their ears were hurting when we were landing, probably because they are all stuffed up. The good news is I didn't have to break out any of my major entertainment ammunition. They still don't know I bought a GameBoy. It should come in handy during the 15 hour flight. We got to the hotel quickly and went right to the pool so that they could get some energy out. By the time we arrived in the hotel room they were bouncing off the walls , so it was perfect timing. We swam and ate by the pool. I'm not sure if it was lunch or dinner. I am already confused about what time/day it is. Thomas asked if we could go home now...... Linda Wier called to tell us that Liana was throwing up all night and that she was worried about Thomas and Madeline catching it since we saw each other just about everyday last week. Oh, how miserable that will be. Let's hope nobody throws up anything on the next flight! It's 2:30pm here. We are going to take a cab to the Santa Monica Pier and hang out there for an hour or 2. We'll come back to the hotel and sleep for a few hours before we have to catch our midnight flight. The weather is Awesome. I just want to go for a run!

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