Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bliss' Medical Exam

Bliss passed her medical examination. It's a good thing she is healthy. The process that we went through today would not have brought me much comfort had she been ill. They weighed her, checked her ears and eyes, I think, and then tested her hearing with an electronic toy keyboard and a rattle. She was the only baby that didn't cry. She tolerated all the poking and prodding very well. She didn't even cry when the Doctor put the tongue depressor down her throat.
Today I went with 5 other women from our group to a Chinese foot massage. It was wonderful! It was 70 minutes long and it only cost $6 US dollars. They bring in big wicker baskets filled with hot water and while you soak your feet they give you a neck and back massage. They served Chinese Tea and Watermelon. It finishes with hot towels for your legs and feet. Pete and Barb are going to go tomorrow. I think this might have to become an everyday thing. Tomorrow we are going to a big outdoor mall.
I am over my stomach virus and feeling more relaxed now since we are over the hump.
The kids are settling into a great schedule now. They have been going to bed by 7pm everynight, just like when we are home. Bliss is sleeping better now too. Even I'm starting to feel like we live here. I'll try to post more pictures of the area tomorrow. The picture on the bottom is a typical scene around here. People are playing hackysack everywhere. As you can see everyone hangs their laundry out to dry. Nobody has dryers. I feel guilty as I am totally enjoying having someone else do my laundry. It comes back folded in perfect little squares, sealed in small plastic bags.

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She already has Weiler luck....